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Upcoming Events & Courses

These events are opportunities to learn in an immersive environment,

a space where you are held and gently encouraged to deepen in your connection with yourself and others.

I love presenting and creating inspirational, informative and memorable workshops. These have been hosted globally online and in person to individuals, communities and corporations alike. Each workshop has brought people together from all walks of life and relationships have been formed that will last longer than time.

Groups with no comparison, no judgement and a willingness to go deeper than surface level are our signature styles. These groups create momentums and movements that continue to unfold and inspire.

These deeply valued workshops, events and courses are full of inspiration and expert guidance to help you move forward in life, in your space and with those around you. They are packed with ageless wisdom, insights and practical, actionable tips that will carry you forward and support you in all areas of your life.

Recordings of previous sessions will be available to purchase and watch.


KonMari Virtual Consultant Certification ~ June 2022

The first step towards becoming a

qualified KonMari Consultant.



Soho Farmhouse Workshop

An introduction to clean and simple living

1 hour 30 mins

Members @ Soho House 


KonMari Virtual Consultant Certification ~ July 2022

The first step towards becoming a

qualified KonMari Consultant.



Responsible Living for the

Future (Gp C)

An absolute 'Must Do' course for all, at any stage in life.


coming soon

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