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Coach - derives from the French 'coche' a stagecoach, to carry.

The word became slang for a private tutor who 'carries' a student through an exam.

In this case, being held very deeply and truly lovingly through a process.

These sessions help us discard anything and everything that stands in the way of us living life to the full.

Embracing simplicity, flow and joy, and living in harmony with ourselves, our space and the people around us. 

Being in connection with our bodies is like being given the Golden Key to life. These sessions embrace the body (which is also reflected by our homes and our wardrobes) in all its glory, holding and supporting us to go deeper with life and our journey in it.

Some of the service offerings available include

  • De-Cluttering & KonMari™ Living

  • Interior Design & Home Styling

  • Wardrobe Edit, Styling & Shopping

  • Movement & Body Therapies 

  • Wellness Coaching

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De-cluttering & KonMari® Living

How we are in our homes and how we live day to day has profound and far reaching effects on the way we are with people and as we go about our day to day. Coming home at night and laying ourselves to bed in a space that is clean, clear and nourishing feeds the body and soul, allowing our senses to recuperate and revitalise at night time without the busy-ness and distractions of the day and the world around us. 

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Interior Design & Styling

The set up of our homes and the spaces in which we work and live in is integral to the quality of our output, what and how we move in our days. Being at one with our surroundings, being supported to evolve and deepen in each moment, cherishing and appreciating what is on offer are all qualities available to us through these sessions.

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Wardrobe Edit, Styling & Personal Shopping

Getting dressed each morning in the fullness of you, knowing what to wear without even thinking about it, being able to see, feel and choose from everything that is available for you are some of the amazing outplays of these sessions. Feeling the quality of how you got dressed and of who you are emanate and breathe forth throughout your day in the way you walk and the way you present and re-present is priceless.

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Movement & Body Therapies

Being at one with your body is an incredible blessing. Hearing your body's whispers before they become nagging screams of pain. Moving at one with your own rhythm and being deeply held in the process is a great healing and deeply supportive practice for all.  

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Wellness Coaching

Outing the non-sensical, focusing on the grandeur and moving the fabulousness of you and what you are here in the world to bring is stunning beyond words and beyond measure. We will go there!

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