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Educator - 'a person or thing that educates', from the Latin 'educa(re)' to lead, to bring up, nurture and teach.

An opportunity to share the way in which I live, what I have learnt and experienced and to support others together in harmony.

Some of the service offerings available include

  • Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Courses

- KonMari Consultant - Wedding Celebrant - Life Coach
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These workshops can be tailor made to suit the participants, the venue location and what is needed at that time. There are so many topics available to discuss, present on, share about and to workshop together regardless of the size of the group or wether this is online or in person.

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Presenting on behalf of another, be that a corporation, a group of friends or work colleagues, a team building exercise, etc. always comes from my livingness. I am sharing what I have mastered and what I continue to learn. There is a deep, holding quality and a light-hearted joyfulness in abundance. Extra-ordinary ordinariness. 

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Courses can be created to what is needed, for whom and when it is needed. There is no right or wrong and no set way. An opportunity to think outside of the box and free fall into the knowingness of what is on offer and that it is there for the taking. 

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