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Whatever is needed, I am here to support and guide you through the process with love, compassion and attention to detail.


With a celebrant led funeral you do not have to adhere to any specific religious doctrines. The ceremony can be tailored specifically to you as a family and what is needed for the all. You can choose songs, readings, poems, themes that represent your loved one and this can be delivered in a way befitting of them.

"Please can you do my funeral? My friends and I were saying that we've never been to a funeral that has left us feeling light and happy...and we've been to a fair few now unfortunately. There was laughter and tears, because boy oh boy, did you encapsulate JR like no one else. It was incredible. Can't stop thinking about it and smiling. You have an incredible gift." 

BG - England

  • The Process
    Once booking is confirmed we will meet (in person or online) for an informal chat so I may take down all the relevant information and help you decide how the ceremony will flow, what elements you would like to include, etc. In short the who, what, where, when guide to your wedding. It's a process and we will let it naturally unfold and evolve. We don't need to have all the answers immediately from the outset, they will be given as we work together. I will then go away, plan, design and put to paper the service for your day with all the details including a draft script for your perusal and consent. I will be available for questions, support and guidance along the way. ​ On the day of the wedding I will arrive an hour ahead of the service (for support, reassurance, hugs and laughter should it be needed) and I will leave 30 minutes after (leaving you and your guests to celebrate together) unless we have discussed otherwise.
  • The Fee
    The cost may vary depending on the type, length and location (I am happy to travel globally with you) of the ceremony you would like. ​ As a rough guideline a 20-30 minute ceremony (with bespoke words of welcome, compilation of your story, readings, vows, ring exchange, final pronouncement) full delivery of the service and copy of your script for the day is £1200. ​ Bookings can be made last minute and/or prepared years in advance (weddings are often put into plan up to three years in advance now so it is advised to book your support network in-line with your planning schedule). ​ £600 of your fee is due when booking and confirming a date for your ceremony. The remaining part of the fee will be payable before presentation of the first draft of your ceremony. Fees and date transfers are refundable at discretion of celebrant. No refunds will be issued for a delay of more than 30 minutes in the start of the ceremony.
  • Legality
    Wedding ceremonies are not the legally binding part of the marriage process. This can be done prior to the wedding with a registrar for around £60 with your local district council. This is for legal and administrative purposes. Everything else; the exchange of rings, the vows, the people, can be brought into your wedding ceremony.
  • Certification & Accreditation
    I am a fully accredited and certified NONC Celebrant (Level 3 Diploma) and a member of the board of the FOIC (Fellowship of Independent Celebrants) the leading training organisation for celebrants and funeral directors in the UK. Being an independent celebrant means that I have the freedom to tailor make your service for you. ​ I am covered and insured for both public liability and professional indemnity. ​ I have years of being in front of hundreds of people and of holding space for many. This work is something that I am passionate about. It is an honour to do what I do and I am humbled by each and every experience. You can trust me to deliver a service that will be all that is needed on every level. The quality, the attention to detail and the love that you deserve. The testimonials shared and the relationship we will build together will confirm all you already know and feel.
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