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Jenny is a world class coach leading the way in the sphere of whole body wellbeing. Having traversed many of life’s paths and travelled the world extensively her natural love of people, her exquisite attention to detail and the prerequisites of consistent simplicity, flow, and might ensure that whatever you are working on together will leave you feeling more loved, more full and more powerfully alive and vibrant than ever before.  


Her skillset reaches far and wide. She has been featured in numerous publications for her interior design work; she has travelled the world holding lectures, giving workshops and teaching courses in the art of living simply and joyfully; and has presented and trained on behalf of Marie Kondo to thousands of consultants globally over the years. 

"Jenny has a gift of making you feel very special. Everyone. No matter what."

During the covid pandemic Jenny trained as a Celebrant enabling another offering to the local, and global, community. Many people were feeling overwhelmed at the sheer mess left behind in someone’s passing and already being mastered in the field of clearing on all levels, it was a very natural next step. Funerals could be treated as a celebration of life, but also as a time to reflect and ponder on the choices made and what could be maximised moving forward and how this could be done in the most simplest of ways. The gentle, tender, loving but very much joy-full support offered was greatly welcomed and received at a time when many chose to focus on the dark and would feel shrouded in this moving forward.


The Celebrant training also translated into wedding ceremonies where people were yearning for real connection, humour, authenticity and a service that felt like a loving embrace ~ a true way to start their union together. Jenny offered this in abundance and has been invited around the world to share and wed these couples in a truly loving way. Each and every guest adorned with a deepened sense of love themselves. 

"Whatever you want, or think you need -Jenny's got it, and she's got you - from
every angle ! "

Jenny holds workshops and sessions for groups of hundreds, tens, handfuls, couples, or one-on-one. There is no limit to what is unearthed and reconnected to. The un-limitlessness of the universe is her only guide. As the universe expands each moment so too can we in the depth of love and joy that we feel; not because we are any less or have not been worthy thus far, but because we are already everything - we may just have forgotten how and where to look. The keys will be right in front of you, you’ll see…

"Sessions with Jenny have been transformational as it feels like a door has been opened presenting so many more possibilities in life."

CH - Australia

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