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Hi, welcome, whole-heartedly.

I hear and see people struggling and feeling overwhelmed and bogged-down in life (their homes, their work-life balance,

their family, their diet, their relationships, their bodies, time management, a lack of self-worth, uncertainty and indecision,

and just about everything else in between).

This needn't be the way. I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt (multiple times) and still do.


There's no need to strive for perfection (which isn't truly attainable), but we can begin to live each moment in full,

connected to our body, the spaces which we move in, and those around us.

"Jenny has a gift of making you feel very special.

Everyone. No matter what."

"The universe and the light of the stars come through me"


This quote by Rumi, the thirteenth century poet is one that continues to both inspire and stop me in my tracks. Whenever I read this, I am offered a moment to stop and reflect on...everything.

How often do we feel or know this about ourselves? If we do, is it often or with us always?

Do we make time to connect to the beauty of the stars and the universe we are in?

We are each spectacular and have something very powerful and unique to bring to the world, but more often than not any sense of this gets lost in the busyness of life and the continual list of things that need to be done.


I am here to support you in and with this. 

Together we can explore, navigate through and observe how you are in this world. What holds you back; what inspires you; where you could bring simplicity and flow to the fore; where you could deepen in love and appreciation; and where you can bring more of that amazingness.

Through my own personal experiences and years of working together with others across the globe I am able to share simply and with an abundance of love what is needed, when and how. It is an absolute pleasure to share foundational qualities, skills and techniques with anyone who would like to get off the treadmill and move with space and grace.

~ As Seen In ~

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  • Work with purpose and flow

  • Care for and honour yourself

  • Live transparently with others

  • Build a steadiness within

  • Live in full

  • See the wood from the trees

  • Be Joyful

I support individuals, groups and organisations to thrive; to be that 'Light of the Universe'. This looks very different for each session be that a one-to-one consultation, a workshop, coaching, training, or celebratory events. There are always results, but it is never a results driven exercise, it is an unfolding of what is already there, hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be released, lived and celebrated in full.


Openness and transparency is exactly what is on offer to you. There is no judgement, but a holding and an unfolding that brings out the best in you.  I am often told that I am one of life's greatest cheerleaders, and you will feel this, undoubtedly and unapologetically so. I will truly celebrate each and every one of you and the important milestones in your life, be that clearing out a draw, growing in self-love, getting married, taking out the garbage...but most of all for every moment you surrender into the scrumptiousness of you and what you are here to bring.


I have a way of seeing the bigger picture whilst not missing the detail needed; of getting things done but with a playfulness and lightness that is not at the expense of your body.


"Sessions with Jenny have been transformational

as it feels like a door has been opened

presenting so many more possibilities in life."

CH - Australia

"Whatever you want, or think you need -Jenny's got it,
and she's got you - from every angle!"

JF - Australia

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