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This is a place where we get to celebrate you. 

All your glorious qualities and the amazingness

you are here to bring to this world. 

There is so much to celebrate, to appreciate

and to enjoy.

"Whatever you want, or think you need -Jenny's got it,
and she's got you - from every angle!"

JF - Australia

With a multitude of skills at her disposal and a life full of experience Jenny's love of people and her ability to work with and live in simplicity, flow and light means that nothing gets missed and no one gets left behind.

Jenny is a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a colleague amongst many things and she brings a lightness wherever she treads.

There may be many offerings but the quality is omnipresent.

Everything is on offer, for the all, always.

"Jenny has a gift of making you feel very special.

Everyone. No matter what."

DS - England

"Sessions with Jenny have been transformational

as it feels like a door has been opened

presenting so many more possibilities in life."

CH - Australia


Meet Jenny

Jenny has a deep love and respect for people across the ages throughout the world.


She has a background in teaching Dance, Yoga and Movement; of teaching English as a Foreign Language; of Interior Design and De-cluttering; of Fashion and Styling; of presenting and educating to hundreds globally in person and online; and of supporting others to reconnect to their bodies and to what is truly important.

Together her life experiences and the qualities that shine through mean that what is on offer is beyond the stars.

"Love and space are more inter-related than we have allowed ourselves to truly know and feel."

Jenny Hayes 

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Welcome to our community.

See you soon!

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