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Jenny has been dubbed one of life's greatest cheerleaders, and you will feel this, undoubtedly and unapologetically so.


She will truly celebrate each and every one of you and the important milestones in your life, wether that be a naming ceremony, a wedding, a renewal of vows, a passing over from this life, or celebrating the gloriousness of you in this present moment through the way you live.


Together, with Jenny as your guide, you can explore, navigate through and observe how you are in this world. What holds you back; what inspires you; where you could bring simplicity and flow to the fore and where you could deepen in love and appreciation.

Having served as Marie Kondo's Senior Educator training KonMari® consultants across the globe; with Olympic Athletes competing in upcoming games; behind the scenes supporting actors and musicians on tour; with global corporations across the world; and with everyday folk in their homes, Jenny is no stranger to people or places. 

Her presence and her love know no boundaries


"The universe and the light of the stars come through me"



Jenny's Approach

The most important thing to know is that there is always a smile, a great big, beaming one! And almost anyone can attest to the fact that there is always a hug. A great big, deeply surrendered one. This openness and transparency is exactly what is on offer to you. There is no judgement, but a holding of the all and an unfolding that brings out the best in you.


There are always results, but it is never a results driven exercise, it is an unfolding of what is already there, hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be released, lived and celebrated in full. 


Jenny's approach is light-hearted, full of fun and joy, with no stone left unturned. A journey you won't want to stop.

And you won't.

Because this will be just the beginning.   

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