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Working With Another

What does working with another bring in addition to doing these things alone?

We all have our own ways of seeing the world. This can be moulded by the ways we have been brought up within our family, our education, the society we live in, etc. The ways in which we choose to live tend to become more and more ingrained as we grow up and settle into our lives and often these become our comfort zones.

How frequently do we not visit the local attractions in our home town? Or see the splendour of that one flower blooming in our front garden? This is in fact quite normal as we busy ourselves in life and forget to stop and see what is right there before us.

We tend to see life through the eyes of what is next or what has been and seldom the what is now.

With our wardrobes, as with most of our belongings, there is either a fear of the future, an attachment to the past, or both. Without taking stock of the way in which we live life these movements go by unchecked and our wardrobes grow in size.

Much like going to the gym with a personal trainer having someone to support you and hold yourself accountable to can be the greatest support. They can take you to another level that you may not have reached by yourself and they see things with different eyes.

Having someone to hold your hand as it were and guide you through the nuances of your own behaviours, styles and practices can be hugely beneficial and deeply healing.

I cannot count the number of clients who have started their journey with me saying ‘they have already done their clothes’ to then proclaim ‘I had no idea there was so much more to this, thank you’.

With years of experience in fashion retail and lots of work on myself I now get a sense of the person immediately and can see where they try to hide, what they are trying to flaunt, and where ultimately they are selling themselves short in their everyday. Without judgement or projection another’s support can take you to a much deeper level and understanding.

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