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Why The Freak Out?

So why the freak out?

There are so many hidden layers and issues around just our clothes even, and once we say yes, we are opening our eyes to feeling this more.

I am able to share my own experiences and personal journey with my wardrobe to give you an insight into the intricacies that can lace the way we live with our clothes.

As a child we had very little money and clothes were not high on the spending agenda, there were certainly no special occasion purchases for birthday parties, etc and as a result later on in life I realised that that this had become pretty ingrained in me and I did not honour or respect the true love I had for myself or my clothes and would wear whatever was close at hand with little thought other than ‘this will do’.

Consequently I ended up going the other way, becoming a fashion store manager and spending way more on clothes than perhaps was necessary in a voyage of self discovery and personal expression.

This is just one example and there are many. Classic patterns that frequently come up include; attachments to items people have given you as gifts, items that someone may have said you look good in, expensive purchases that seem too difficult to let go of, the list goes on…

All of these things however seemingly incidental have the potential to mould the way we choose our wardrobe and live in our day, and without realising it we may be dressing in a way that does not truly reflect ourselves, our own personal style or our personality.

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