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The Sock Draw Challenge

As the weekend approaches and you may have a little extra time on your hands why not treat yourself to the sock draw challenge.

This really need not take long and although seemingly insignificant is foundational in our everyday living.

After listening to a radio interview I did a while back, someone shared with me how powerful it was to complete her sock draw. It had never been a complete mess but neither had they really given it the time and space it truly deserved. After completion they knew what was needed and went out to buy themselves a couple of new pairs of socks and instead of just grabbing at any pair in a supermarket sweep they were in a much better position to know exactly what was needed and consider their quality. Selecting a couple of pairs of warm woollen socks that they really loved made all the difference.

Now when they go to their sock draw each morning they feel the care and attention that has been given to this area and on a cellular level when they put on their socks they “feel loved”…the love is feeding them right back.

That is how simple it is and honestly to make this one step alone you will feel the difference.

Let me know how you get on and feel free to post before and after photos for everyone to see if you feel to – it can be so inspiring and encouraging for others too. #sockdrawchallenge

And above all have fun with it and be playful and honest about what you love.

If you would like to hear the interview with the very talented and wonderful Lucy Dahill and Carmin Hall please follow the link below.

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