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The Beauty Of The Process

There are so many reasons why engaging in this process supports. On a very physical level we clear the clutter from our homes, our wardrobes and this in turn clears our minds and therefore our bodies in general.

We are able to find things more easily, to appreciate what we actually have and to make choices more confidently.

People find that shifts occur throughout their lives in general; in their homes, their workplaces and their relationships.

Clearing out the things that no longer support us allows space for those that do, and letting go of the things that do not spark joy for us allows space to appreciate more those that do.

The ripple effects are huge and it is only after the process has begun do you get to really see and feel the outplay of these. They are life changing and supportive on a very foundational level.

Practically they bring a greater awareness and understanding to ourselves, our patterns and our behaviours. We get to see very visibly the ways in which we choose to spend our time and money and although confronting this often serves as a great opportunity to change the way in which we live, act and move moving forward.

One of the most frequent responses from clients is how doing this process has saved them thousands of pounds. We become more tuned in to who we are and what we actually need and love, rather than being swayed by society, our peers and a version of ourselves we think we are catering for.

Our bodies also respond in the process. Clients have shed pounds, become pregnant, found love, changed career paths. Honestly the list is endless, and this is one of the main reasons I LOVE my job. To watch each individual blossom, as well as their spaces transform, is incredibly beautiful and also very humbling.

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