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Spring Time

Spring has sprung early and with the lighter mornings, warmer days and the cherry blossom blooming we are given an opportunity to start again, to refresh, to embrace the beauty of it all.

We all know and are familiar with the spring clean adage rooted in history – a time to open up the windows, sweep out the excess we needed to hunker down and get through the winter months and to quite literally breathe the fresh spring air into our lungs.

For our bodies it is a time to re-awaken from the melatonin-induced slumber of the past few months.

So what does a spring clean really look like in our society today and do we really need it?

In a consumer driven society where we are constantly bombarded with what to buy next and how to look, and with the world and it’s people moving at an extraordinary pace, seldom do we take the time to stop and really do a stock take of what is going on, where we are in our lives and what is surrounding us.

The norm is that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, we fill, pay for or even build excess storage for our unused wares, and we rarely savour and appreciate the true value or beauty of what we do have.

So how can we change this?

Simply making the commitment to open our eyes and see how we are living and be honest about how we are feeling within ourselves each day, and with our clothes, for example, is the first step.

How often do you open your wardrobe and find yourself not sure what to wear or feel like there is nothing suitable in there?

This in itself tells us much about what is going on inside and around us – and it needn’t be that way…

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