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This workshop was such a beautiful experience for all involved and my first outdoor presentation in the heatwave of Jordan’s capital city. Hosted by She Mercedes of Jordan, and supported by PinkMoon Events, we prepared a full day of activities, discussions and skill based techniques for the women of Amman.

The photos of the day and the thoughts of those who joined us will give you a taster of what was shared.

“Such a lovely event with good vibes. I so enjoyed connecting with others and I came away with new techniques to help me overcome my messy-ness.”

Maja Abdulah

The premise of this workshop was really very simple. To support women to embrace spaciousness in their lives; integrating mind, body and soul. We re-discovered what we loved, celebrated ourselves as individuals and appreciated the unity we all actually share with each other.

These are the fundamental basics which we live each and every day and the necessity of such an event was fully felt by all. We had such a beautiful day.

“My day was made special by meeting a diverse group of women whom I didn’t know before. I was inspired to get to know and explore what I love. And I now have the encouragement within to finally set up and do this for myself.”

This workshop was very special for many reasons. The venue, Shams al Balad, an old building in the heart of the city’s Circle One was gorgeous. We arrived early and meandered through the house and up and out into the courtyards and terraces at the back. An abundance of olive trees on the roof top, a bubbling fountain, the neighbour’s pigeons and the natural warmth and sunlight of the city all played their part in setting the scene for our day together.

With seasonal, organically grown and freshly prepared ingredients in full flow, lunch too was amazing. It was another opportunity to share our experiences thus far before recommencing for the second part of our session.

“An amazing atmosphere.” Randa Shaaban

“Jenny’s quality made the day so special. All the sessions were impactful and the games were inspiring. It was fun and fruitful.

Beautiful, relaxing and charming.”

Sana Jagel

What was beautiful to observe was that each woman who came brought something to the group and what was delivered was incredibly powerful and inspiring for all. Being able to hold such an event anywhere across the world is always special but I really appreciate the lengths and depths these women went to within themselves to share with each other and come together in a situation where it is easy, and quite usual, to put up barriers.

As a result they left feeling empowered and inspired to make changes for themselves – to open up a little more and to hide a little less.

“A huge success. This workshop and the activities Jenny shared, got us to open up to ourselves and others. It was a fun way to meet new people and to obtain new information.

I learnt about the importance of de-cluttering emotional junk, and I feel inspired.”

Throughout the day we focussed on the things we loved and what bought us joy. We discussed the pictures, the ideals and the beliefs that we hold that often stand in our way, and we honestly opened up about the importance of self-nurturing. With some fervent discussions we discovered what was important to us and how we would like to be living…and with the nitty gritty out of the way we were able to learn some practical tools and techniques to help us carry this through into our lives back home.

“An excellent gathering on a very practical topic which can be applied and remembered daily. I learnt about the concept of space; using it, making more of it and moving within it. A social responsibility event where Jenny helped people to get the additional skills that they needed.”

“I can’t wait to be part of the next workshop…”

The day and the women that participated were amazing. With the bonus of the full day we were able to explore and go deep, to make new friends and to learn new lessons, and I feel deeply privileged to have been a part of this.

I hope to be able to return to Amman and Jordan one day very soon. The food was incredible and the people were warm and welcoming. Until the next workshop I will be working further on what is there to be shared, what is needed in our day to day living, and supporting others to live a simple and love-filled life full of all that matters.

“What made my day so special was getting to meet new people and to recognise that we are all so similar and we share so much in common.

I am inspired by the understanding that organising and decluttering is a skill that begins with stuff at home but which reflects out to all sectors of life.”

“By evaluating what I loved, I reconnected to what matters most.”

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