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The work that I do is a collation of years of working with others and my own lived experience.  I passionately believe that we all have something truly wonderful to bring to the world and that I can support you to rediscover and live this for yourself.


With a little encouragement, some playful persuasion and a gentle nudge from a loving and experienced hand you too can live a simple and beautiful life all of the time.


I love the fundamental elements of light and space, design and style and ultimately I love people. I build relationships, have fun and enjoy the process with each and every person I work with.


As I have grown and developed over the years so too has my client base. I travel to give workshops and personal sessions both home and away, to men, women, old and young, and I also present online courses, workshops and one-to-one sessions to the global community.​


Having served as Marie Kondo's Senior Educator training KonMari® consultants across the globe; with Olympic Athletes competing in upcoming games; behind the scenes supporting actors and musicians on tour; with global corporations across the world; and with everyday folk in their homes, I am no stranger to people or places. ​

"I loved Jenny’s clarity, realness and loving care."

"Jenny’s presence and love know no boundaries"


...are there no before and after photos? gallery of completed projects? wedding images?

Most clients ask to see some examples of my work so they can gauge wether to use my services or not.

This is not something I do and I have never done this despite being asked to, and even urged to over many years. There are many reasons for this. 

​Firstly, the greatest achievement is for you, the client, to feel empowered, fresher, lighter, stronger, calmer, more beautiful, more connected….the list goes on. These things are felt from within and are a natural by-product of the very deep and intimate work we do together.​ These things can not be measured or compared – they are very personal and are true for each and every individual. 

When it comes to weddings, I am all about the people. I have style in abundance and can make anything look and feel beautiful, but that is not the main reason you would be hiring me. I will bring the ceremony together, ensure you feel held in the process and that you enjoy and deepen every step of the way. I am sure you may chose to have this occasion captured by a photographer of your choosing. Being there alone and being party to your celebration is all that I could ever ask for.

​The living wellness, lifestyle and coaching services go deep to help us rid the layers of ideals, beliefs, influences, etc that we take on over the years and to then embrace the all on offer and truly celebrate that in every lived moment – it would then be counter to this journey to then showcase this as 'it' to another. Every single one of us has lived a very different life and the next steps and path of unfoldment for each and every person will vary from one to the other.​

When de-cluttering a client's home I ask each client to take their own before and after photos which can be used as part of their own reflective journey looking at how far they have come and truly appreciating the magnificence and grandeur of what they have chosen for themselves. 

After 'styling' a person and their wardrobe or having 'interior designed' their home I am not drawn to take photographs to capture what the eye can see. I can feel the emanation from within and feel the warmth and depth of their home being used in purpose with flow. These things cannot be captured by images alone. Yes, there is a beauty in capturing this, but unfortunately we are so used to jumping in subconsciously on every level with comparison and betterment that we often miss the true qualities on offer and fall for the facade. I will happily support my clients to connect to what is true for them and to step away from this publicised path if needed.

​My role is to support and be of service to you, the client. The journey is yours with my loving encouragement and expertise. It is not for me to showcase my talents and what I can achieve but for you to really make the changes that will support you to live a truly joy-full, love-filled life. 

Sometimes we don’t want to showcase how we have been living, often it takes a great deal of courage to ask for support and take responsibility for this. On the flip side why would we need to showcase a 'tah-dah' moment on completion?

Others prefer their lives to be kept private, or their faces and names to remain outside of the public domain. 

​It is deeply honouring to appreciate and enjoy all that has been and all that you have achieved – and this is a very natural part of the process. It is something that you will feel in your body, in the way you move, and the way you are with others. The reality is that people will feel this for themselves and see it in you, which is a feat far greater than a room that looks perfect. I can assure you however that your room, space, wardrobe will be left beauty-full, inspiring you and others to live in a way that honours you.

There is much more than what we see with our eyes, so much so that it can sometimes seem like we are in fact blinded by this sense. Unfortunately this is often where we have been led astray from our own being-ness by following pictures and images of what things should or could look like. These experiences and sessions with me take into account the all, the bigger picture.

Clients I have worked with have whole-heartedly said that our time spent together has changed their lives. This is not just because of how something has changed in looks but because they have blossomed and loved more from within, the out-spill has been far reaching and it never ceases to stop.

Who Are We

"I now feel perfect in my own body shape and am willing to share that with the world. "

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